Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be pasture raised?

Our hens enjoy the great outdoors year round. Green grass or snowy fields, these hens enjoy it all. When they are ready for a break they relax in their custom built mobile shelter.  Our hens are never caged and moved frequently to fresh pastures to protect both chicken and soil health.

Are your eggs organic?

Yes! Our hens are fed only organic feeds and we follow all organic protocols! Right now, we are too small to be certified organic but we will be when we grow.

When will they be delivered?

Our organic farm fresh eggs are delivered on Friday. If you're not a subscriber, your orders must be placed by Wednesday for Friday delivery. Baked items are made fresh to order each Thursday.

Credit card on file will be charged before delivery.

What if I want to pick up at the farm?

Pick up your organic farm fresh eggs at our farm between 8 AM - 5 PM. After you order online, please wait for an order ready confirmation. You're items will be ready for pick up in most cases the same day. 
Baked items are made fresh to order.  Baked goods will be available for pickup within 72 hours.

How does egg deposit carton work?

We use reusable washable egg cartons. With your order we will charge an extra $2 per egg carton. Just leave our cartons out for us to pick up on with your next order. You will be refunded $2 for each carton returned.

Why subscriptions?

Guarantee your eggs with a subscription. Subscription eggs receive a discount and are set aside for YOU each week!  Its like having your own hens. Subscriptions also help us plan our routes and reduce our emissions.

What if I am going out of town or can't pick up my eggs?

Don't worry we will save your eggs for you for 2 additional weeks. If you can't collect your eggs within 3 weeks, we will donate them to a local charity.

How long do eggs last?

When we say fresh, we mean fresh! Our organic pasture raised eggs are collected daily. The eggs are only cleaned, as needed, to preserve the natural protective "bloom." The USDA recommends storing your eggs at less than 45°F.  Please enjoy your eggs within 5 weeks, but if your family is like ours they will be gone long before then.

Do we love Springfield?

We love Springfield and Southwest Missouri!!!  We are committed to giving back. We donate at least 10% of eggs laid to local charities and Missouri families in need.